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 A Beremy Fanfic -- Dying Embers

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PostSubject: A Beremy Fanfic -- Dying Embers   Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:07 pm

I started writing a Beremy fan fiction. I also created a new character called Sarae who has is very special and a potential love interest for Matt Donovan.
I'll post the first chapter here so that y'all can see if you want to read the next ones Smile So far i have written 9 chapters, and i'm currently writing the 10th one!

Chapter one: Guilt

Bonnie felt terrible. No, not terrible…. "Terrible" did not even begin to describe how she felt. Jeremy had invited her out for a friendly game of pool and she had blown him off for the gorgeous warlock, Luka. But it wasn't like she could just ignore the guy. After all he did come and sit with her in the booth. She groaned. No matter how much she tried to justify her actions, the fact was she let Luka take all the attention away from Jeremy.

"I'm a horrible friend" she shook her head and grabbed her pillow. Holding it tight against her chest, she swore quietly, remembering the expression on Jeremy's face when he had left the Grill. She should have run after him. And said what? Sorry, I was caught up with a total hottie? It was not the kind of thing you said to a guy friend, especially one that you've been friends with for a mere few weeks. Sure, she had known Jeremy for over a decade, but knowing someone and being friends with them was an entirely different thing. Bonnie glanced at her alarm clock and sighed. It was ten thirty and at the rate this was going, she wasn't going to get a minute of sleep if she didn't apologize to him. She debated staying in her cozy pyjamas and suffering through the night or going to apologize. Finally, guilt taking over, she changed into sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie. She grabbed the keys on her bedside table and quietly slipped out of the house. The last thing she wanted was her dad to start asking questions.

As she feared, It was Jeremy who opened the door. She couldn't back out of it now. He wore jeans, with the top button undone and he wore no shirt. It was obvious he had just come out of the shower since he was drying off his hair with a bright blue towel. The scene was movie-worthy. He was gorgeous and toned. She'd never realize how toned he was. At the sight of Bonnie, he slowly stopped drying his hair and put the towel around his shoulders. Bonnie huffed out a breath and shuffled her feet nervously.

"I'm sorry, Jer." She looked up at him, earnestly. "I didn't mean to… you know."

He shrugged and gestured for her to come in. Walking towards the kitchen he put on a shirt that was folded on the sofa. Bonnie surprised herself by being disappointed. Silly, she scolded herself, Jeremy is Elena's brother. Elena's younger brother, she added.

"It's no problem. Want anything to drink?" he asked. Bonnie frowned. The Jeremy that had left the grill unhappy wasn't the Jeremy standing in front of her at all. He seemed to dismiss the whole situation. And there she was feeling guilty about it all. She shook her head and sat on one of the stools.

"You don't seem upset about it." Said Bonnie slowly. Jeremy merely shrugged and leaned against the counter.

"Why should I be upset?"

"Well… I... umm…" confused Bonnie passed a hand through her long dark hair. "Well you invited me to…. Play pool I guess. And I ditched you."

"Yup," he nodded in agreement and went to the nearest cupboard to take out a bag of Cheetos. He opened it and ate one. "and why should that bother me?"

"Well, we're friends," said Bonnie, growing more confused by the second. She thought she saw something flash in his eyes- anger or was it perhaps sadness? With him, emotions were always off the scale: passionate and impulsive and confusing. Whatever it was that had passed in his eyes was gone now.

"Friends…" he paused, then glanced at his watch. " well Bonnie, as much as I'd like to chat with you, I need to sleep. School tomorrow" he rolled his eyes in a manner that reminded her of Damon. Obviously the two were spending too much time together. He gently began to guide her to the door, leaving the Cheetos bag on the kitchen counter.

At the entrance door, Bonnie turned to say something but was stopped by Jeremy who laughed and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow." He opened the door and all but shoved her outside.

Bonnie stood on the porch a few moments more, fingertips touching the cheek that Jeremy had kissed. It was a friendly, simple kiss that had made her skin tingle and her legs weak. Well, she thought, I guess that went well. Still confused about the visit, she climbed into her car and drove off.

Inside the Gilbert house, Jeremy sat on the sofa and pressed his fingers to his eyes. It was harder than he thought, pretending to be okay with it all. To be honest he would have ripped Luka's head off when he went to sit with Bonnie. It was clear Bonnie was more interested in Luka than him- for the time being anyways. He didn't get her using plan a, but like Katherine; he had a plan B. Luka didn't matter. For now he was a simple inconvenience. But like his father had always said: If it's not worth fighting for….


Jeremy turned and saw Elena standing in the staircase. She came down the stairs and glanced around the room, obviously looking for something.

"Was Bonnie here? I thought I heard her voice." Asked Elena.

Jeremy nodded . " Yeah, she came by to see me." Eyebrows raise, Elena sat beside him.

" Ah… why did she want to see you?"

Jeremy's eyes flashed and he stood angrily. "It is possible for people to like me, Elena. Just 'cause we don't all have a perfect past like you doesn't-"

"Calm down!" Elena stood and grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving. "Sorry, It's just… well she's my best friend and well she didn't even stop to say hello. Kinda weird…"

Jeremy rolled his eyes and shook away from her grip. "We went to the grill together tonight and there was a problem." He shrugged trying to make it seem unimportant. "She came to apologize."

Elena frowned in confusion and. "Wait" she gestured for him to sit but Jeremy made no move to change positions. "you were at the grill… together. Like with no one else? Why?"

Jeremy's eyes flashed once more. Jaw clenched and hand balled at his side, he struggled to hold his temper. "Because she's cool, and it's not like anyone else is inviting her out. When's the last time you did something with her?" he asked. At her silence her sneered. "Exactly. And yeah we were alone before Luka showed up."

With that he stalked out of the room and a few minutes later she heard a door slam. Their conversation had left her shaken. First of all, Jeremy had made a point. She hadn't been spending any quality no-vampire time with Bonnie. Secondly…she wondered just what was going on between Bonnie and Jeremy. Obviously this Luka character had some part in it. She frowned, remembering the way Jeremy had said the name with such disgust. I pained her to think that she hadn't known about Luka… or Bonnie's "outing" with Jeremy. Once upon of time she would have known seconds after Bonnie herself. Maybe it was best if let it rest for know. She'd talk about it with Stefan, but there was no use making a big deal out of it for now.

Bonnie climbed in her bed, exhausted. She wasn't sure the apology had soothed her at all. She remembered the little kiss and felt the butterflies in her tummy. Things were so complicated. What was she to do? Every time Jeremy looked at her she had the same feeling, the fluttering in her stomach. And then there was Luka. They had so much in common. She wished things could get easier, but deep down she knew… things would never be easy. Besides, Jeremy was Elena's brother and younger. It was bound to be doomed. She held on to that thought, letting it comfort her. The attraction to Jeremy was just a pass in her life. It was Luka that was right for her. She fell asleep seconds after she had rested her head on her pillow, oblivious to the doubt that was creeping up at the back of her mind. It was Doubt that kept bringing Jeremy into her dreams and it was doubt that made him pop up every time she thought of Luka.

You can find the whole story at:
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A Beremy Fanfic -- Dying Embers
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